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Congratulations Dr. Tehmton Udwadia For Padma Bhushan

Dr. Tehmton Udwadia
Past President ASI

Dear Dr. Udwadia

The members of the Association of Surgeons of India are extremely happy and proud to learn that you have been bestowed with the one of the Highest Civilian awards in the country namely the Padma Bhushan award.

We the members recognize your immense contribution to the medical profession particularly in the art of teaching surgical discipline, imparting knowledge to the upcoming generation of surgeons and above all to the wellbeing of our society in India.

The membership of the Association of Surgeons of India wishes you to have many more years of service to the ASI as well as to our country.


Dr. Shiva K. Misra                                                                                    Dr. J.W. Ebenesh Bensam

President ASI                                                                                        Honorary Secretary ASI


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