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List of Orators for ASICON 2017

Particulars Name of the person/place Topic Mobile Email
Orations 2017
Col.Pandalai Oration 2017 Dr. Ramesh Ardhanari, Madurai The contemporary management of bile ductstone 9842178789 drrameshardhanari@gmail.com
Presidential Oration 2017 Dr. Shiva K. Misra, Kanpur TBA
Dr.P.K.Sen Memorial Oration 2017 Dr. Arvind Kumar, New Delhi Making Surgery Safer: An ASI Initiative 9810765405 arvindreena@gmail.com
Dr.Das Mohapatra Oration 2017 Dr. Deepraj S. Bhandarkar, Mumbai Single incision laparoscopic surgery: current status and controversies 9821014939 deeprajbhandarkar@hotmail.com
Dr.Ramesh Nigam Memorial Oration 2017 Dr. Subodh Varshney, Bhopal Incidental Cancer Gall bladder 9826078994 subodhvarshney@rediffmail.com
Dr.Jaipal Singh Memorial Oration 2017 Dr. Shashank S Shah, Pune Gastric Bypass vs Medical / Lifestyle care for type 2 diabetes in South Asians with BMI 25-40 kg/m2: The COSMID Randomized trial 9822026734 drshashankshah@rediffmail.com
Brig.Dr.Rasamay Ganguly Memorial Oration 2017 Dr. Sudeep Naidu, Pune Future trends in Combat casualty care 7066087855 sudeepnaidu@gmail.com
Prof.Krishnamoorthy Golden Independence Conference Commemorative Oration 2017 Dr. K Vivekananda Subramania Nathan, Chennai Modern trends in management of carcinoma breast 9600108397 viveknathan79@gmail.com
Prof.B.N.Balakrishna Rao Oration 2017 Dr.G Suresh Chandra Hari, Secunderabad Asymptomatic Gall stones. Surgeon’s Dilemma
Dr.Shrish K Bhansali Memorial Oration 2017 Dr. Vikram Kate, Pondicherry Helicobacter pylori infection and Gastroduodenal ulcers – Qua Vadis 9843058013 drvikramkate@gmail.com
Endowment Lecture 2017
Dr.Panchanan Chatterjee Endowment Lecture 2017 Mr.C.R. Selvasekar, Manchester Role of Cytoreductive Surgery and Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy in Peritoneal diseases 7780995301 crselvasekar@gmail.com
Hari Om Ashram Prerit Dr.S.Rangachary Research Endowment Awards 2017 Dr. Pankaj Garg, Panchkula Perfact Procedure: A new method to treat highly complex & Supra Levator anal fistula 9501011000 drgargpankaj@yahoo.com
Dr.A.K.Sen Sarma Memorial Endowment Lecture 2017 Dr. Gyan Chand, Lucknow Minimally Invasive Endocrine Surgery 9451546353 drgyanchandpgi@gmail.com
Padmashri Dr.K.N.Udupa Endowment Lecture 2017 Dr. Siddharth P. Dubhashi, Pune Chronic wounds: Myths and Realities 9881624422 spdubhashi@gmail.com
Dr. Santok Singh Anand Endowment Lecture 2017 Dr. Saumitra Rawat,New Delhi Dynamism of GI Surgery 9910820266 srawat@yahoo.com
Honorary Fellowships 2017
Prof. Derek Alderson, President – RCS, England 07711307838 D.Alderson@bham.ac.uk / dalderson@rcseng.ac.uk
Prof Hiroto Egawa, President Japanese Transplantation Society
Guest Lectures 2017
Prof. Derek Alderson, President – RCS, England
Prof Hiroto Egawa, President Japanese Transplantation Society
Travelling Fellowship 2017
Visiting Professorship of ASI in General Surgery 2017 Dr. Anand Kumar, Varanasi 9415225588 profanandkumar52@gmail.com
Ethicon Travelling Fellowship in Basic Surgical Skills 2017 Dr Mahesh R 9986229487 maheshraj_9326@yahoo.co.in
Ethicon Travelling Fellowship in Advanced Surgical Skills 2017 Dr. Sanjay Kala, Kanpur 9839210012 dr_sanjay_kala@yahoo.com
Dr.G.G.Chatterjee Traveling Fellowship 2017 Dr Ajin Manovah 9495309424 ajin_manovah@yahoo.co.in
Dr.Arthur De Sa Traveling Fellowship 2017 Dr. Vimal Iype, Cochin 9947255544 vimaliype@yahoo.com
Dr.A.K.Basu Traveling Fellowship 2017 Dr. Madhu Muralee, Trivandrum 9447070407 madhumuralee@rediffmail.com
ASI Golden Independence Conf.Comm. Traveling Fellowship for Laparoscopy 2017 Dr. Vivek Srivastava, Varanasi 9453792147 vivekims97@gmail.com
Betadine awards 2017
Betadine Life Time Achievement Award 2017 Dr. Shiva K. Misra, Kanpur
Betadine young surgeons award 2017 Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Lucknow 9415583122 arshadahmadkgmu@gmail.com
Symposium 2017
Dr Subramanyeshwar Rao Organ Preservation in Cancer Surgery 9848038716 subramanyesh@gmail.com
Dr Dilip Gode Groin hernia – Concepts & Confusions 9822737919 dilipgode@yahoo.com
Dr Kumkum Singh Benign Breast Disease- Challenges in 21st Century 9414007419 kum_singhajm@yahoo.co.in
Dr Winston Noronha Abdominal Trauma (IATCC) 9444027164 win_noronha@yahoo.co.in