Election for the following Post in ASI

Vice President ASI 2024 (President ASI 2025)

As per the provisions under Section 5 a) of the Constitution of ASI, notification is hereby given for the election for the post of Vice President ASI for the year 2024 (President ASI 2025) which shall be held through Electronic Voting (E-Voting). The procedures and guidelines for Electronic Voting are enclosed herewith.

The Election Schedule is as follows:
Calling for Nominations by 31-07-2023
Last date for receiving Nominations 31-08-2023 until 5.30 pm
Withdrawal up to 15-09-2023 until 5.30 pm
Voting Begins on 01-10-2023
Voting Ends on 31-10-2023 by 5.30 pm
Declaration of results 01-11-2023

Nominations for the post of Vice President ASI for the year 2024 (President ASI 2025) are hereby invited so as to reach the Chief Election Officer, The Association of Surgeons of India, 18, Adam’s Road, (No. 21, Swami Sivananda Salai), Chepauk, Chennai – 600 005 on or before 5.30 pm on 31.08.2023 by Email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Last date for withdrawal of nominations for the above elections is 15.09.2023 until 5.30 pm. Withdrawal should be sent by email to the above-mentioned addresses.

Nominations for the post of Vice President of the Association of Surgeons of India for 2024 (President ASI 2025) shall be from Full Life Members with voting rights and of not less than 10 years standing in the Association. He / She should have been elected at least once to and served one full term of 3 years in the National Executive Committee of the ASI in the past. Candidates from areas / groups not eligible to have been represented by an elected EC member should have been a member (nominated or ex-officio) of EC at least for one term. {Rule 5(e)(i)}

There shall be no geographical restriction for eligibility to hold the post of President.

Members who are in arrears of subscription as on 30.06.2023 are not entitled to propose, second or vote in the election.

Eligible voter’s list as approved by the Executive committee meeting held on 30th June 2023 is uploaded at the ASI Website on 11th July 2023 for verification of members. If any discrepancies need to be rectified, please contact the Chief Election Officer so as to enable them to be included in the list.

As the voting is electronic, every eligible voter needs to be registered at ASI for e-voting with any approved Photo ID and should have provided mobile number and e-mail ID to which alone their OTP will be sent by the system. Those who have already done the registration and participated in the elections from 2012 to 2022 will be automatically included in the registered category and can take part in the election. If there is any change in mobile number or e-mail ID that may be intimated to the Chief Election Officer with proof for appropriate correction.

Registration process for e-voting will continue till 5.30 pm on 15th September 2023.

We request Members who have not registered for e-voting to please email the ASI Head Office by sending the following details before 15th September 2023.

  • Photo id of the Member (scanned copy of driving license / Aadhaar card)
  • Membership number
  • Email id
  • Mobile number
  • Postal address

Email id of ASI Head office: [email protected]

Should there be any changes to your details registered on ASI database, please email the Chief Election Officer and the Head Office mentioning your updated details before 15th September 2023.

In accordance with our Constitution, details of registered members (email id and mobile number) on ASI electoral rolls WILL NOT be changed after 15th September 2023 for the election year 2023.

Voting shall be held online. The OTP would be sent only to the registered email id and mobile number submitted by the member to ASI office. The OTP received by the member either on the mobile number or email shall not be informed or transferred to anyone.

The nomination forms for the Election to the post of Vice President 2024 (President ASI 2025) is enclosed along with this Notification.

A brief and correct bio-data not exceeding thirty lines for the post of Vice President ASI 2024 (President ASI 2025) duly signed by the candidate must be sent along with the nomination form. (Paper Size A-4, type size 10 Arial font). The bio-data must be signed by the candidate. Failure to send the bio-data as prescribed and without signature of the candidates will entail rejection.

A high resolution passport size colour photograph signed on the reverse by the candidate with name also should be sent along with the nomination form to be put up at the website.

A sum of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) for the post of Vice President ASI 2024 (President ASI 2025) be transferred electronically (NEFT/RTGS etc) to ASI account and voucher receipt be generated. The details of the ASI account are as under:

Account details:

Name: The Association of Surgeons of India
Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Triplicane, Chennai
OD A/c No: 0678 04 00 00 00 23
IFS Code: BARB0TIRUVA (5th character is numeric zero)

Nomination Form For Vice President ASI 2024 (President ASI 2025)

Duly filled Nomination form, biodata, photograph and voucher receipt of transfer of INR 10,000/- be mailed to [email protected] and [email protected] A copy of the same may be marked to self as a proof of submission.

All nominations forms shall be scrutinized and approved by the Chief Election Officer along with the election officers.

Any candidate who wishes to have the Voters list can avail from the ASI Head Office at Chennai by payment of Rs. 5,000/-. (Rupees Five Thousand only), which must be by electronic transfer (NEFT/RTGS etc) in favour of “The Association of Surgeons of India” payable in Chennai. The account details are as above.


Any complaints / disputes arising out of election process shall be referred to & decided by the Chief Election Officer, Election Officers & the President.

Misinformation and spreading false rumors regarding election to other contestants and voters by mail, phone or post amounts to indiscipline and is liable for appropriate action.

The decision of the Chief Election Officer with election officers & the President shall be final.

No legal proceeding shall be instituted by any person outside the jurisdiction of the Chennai Civil Court regarding the election disputes. {(Rule 14(d)}

Candidates or their friends/representatives cannot send email / SMS/ Whatsapp messages to the electorate as it causes enormous disturbance to members. The Chief Election Officer will circulate the profile of every candidate to all members from his office once every week by email during the election period.

The content of the email will be the bio-data given by the candidate himself in the stipulated manner. If any candidate is found violating this rule, he/she stands the risk of being disqualified from contesting the election. The decision will be taken by the EC after a due enquiry procedure. This decision of the Chief Election Officer has been approved by the Executive Committee at its meeting held in March 2019 and June 2020.

This having stated, candidates are at liberty to call on a private note to any member in the electorate and make a campaign for his/her candidature.


Dr. Probal Neogi
Chief Election Officer &
Vice President – 2023

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain
President ASI 2023

Dr. Ashok Kumar Sinha
Election Officer

Dr. Rajan Patel
Election Officer

Date: 28th July 2023
Place: Chennai