Membership Benefits

Educational Benefits

  • By joining, you will be a member of the academic body.
  • You can take part in scientific deliberations and present papers in the conferences of the A.S.I.
  • You will get our official organ-Indian Journal of Surgery (I.J.S.) for updating your knowledge.
  • You will be eligible for several Awards including Best Paper Award, Best Chapter Award, Best Section Award, Traveling Fellowships, Traveling Professorships and several Orations and Guest Lectures including CME lectures.
  • You can apply for FAIS (Fellowship of Association of Indian Surgeons) after you have obtained five years experience after Post Graduation.


  • By joining ASI, you will come in contact with teachers of reputation so that you could gain more knowledge by interaction.
  • You could get the advice of senior members in matters of personal difficulties in certain procedures.
  • You can get social contacts and foster friendship through academic pursuits.
  • Some of the Affiliated Associations communicate to ASI Headquarters about fellowships and sponsorships for regular appointments, which will be communicated to you if you are a member.
  • You will be able to blog (i.e., express your opinion/exerience to fellow members online. And other members will be encouraged to give their views).


  • The ASI will be able to arrange Training Programmes for desiring candidates in various courses including the Endoscopic Surgical Procedures in various disciplines.
  • You could find centers of excellence close to your working area where you could have further training as members of ASI.

Participation and contribution

  • You will have a right to vote in elections and stand for elections (in cases of full members).
  • You can contribute articles to Indian Journal of Surgery for publication, which will be useful when you apply for your promotion in your services, scholarship and jobs outside India.
  • You will get communications for International Conferences where you can participate as delegate of ASI.