Family Pension Scheme of ASI

The Association of surgeons of India plans to start the Family Pension Scheme on the lines of a similar scheme being run successfully by the Gujarat Chapter of the IMA and some of our chapters.

Highlights of the Scheme

  • Under this scheme, all the bonafide members of the ASI up to the age of 60 years will be eligible to join by paying a one time joining fees along with the first year’s subscription.
  • After the application has been scrutinized, and the member is accepted in the scheme, he will be notified and he will be eligible for benefits of this scheme.
  • In the unfortunate event of death of an eligible member, a pre decided amount will be deducted from the contributions of every eligible member and that amount will be available for the family of the deceased member.
  • This mechanism will continue till the initial contribution made by the members is fully utilized. Thereafter, the members will be notified again and requested to give their subsequent contributions to continue as an eligible member of the scheme.
  • Similar scheme is already running successfully in IMA (various states), some of our own chapters and in many other organizations with large membership.
  • For this scheme also, the constitution, the details and all the other aspects have been worked out. The same are being put forth before the second mid term meeting of the Governing Council
  • scheduled for 11th July and the scheme will be open for the members to join from next day onwards, subject to approval in the Governing Council.
  • We invite our esteemed members to send their comments, queries about the proposed scheme.