Message From President

Dear Friends

Wish you all, your families and loved ones, a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

As we welcome the New Year, let us embrace fresh opportunities, cherish moments of unity and strive for greater achievements. May this new year, 2024, be filled with prosperity, success, and joy for all of you and your near and dear ones.

As I take charge of this hallowed office of the Association of Surgeons of India, I am filled with gratitude towards you for having reposed your faith in me. It also comes with a sense of responsibility to fulfil obligations and duties in a timely and effective manner. I request you for your help, positive inputs and active participation, to take this body to even greater heights.

My vision for 2024 is to create an atmosphere where academics thrives, safe practices are incorporated in our routine work, skill is transferred by mentorship programs to trainees and young surgeons, give back to society philanthropically and seek to get our voices heard in the corridors of the policy makers of our country. I would also like to strengthen the already existing bonds and build new bridges with international bodies of surgeons, be it the SAARC countries, or the Colleges of the west or the Surgical Societies of East Asia.

Last but not the least, one important issue close to my heart has been, Self-Support for us. The gender gap is closing fast due to the large number of lady surgeons in training, and I wish to address issues exclusive to them, with the help of our senior faculty. Also, alarmingly in recent years the attrition rate of surgeons is on the rise, and we need to extend our helping hand to them in an attempt to control surgeon burnout.

To transform my Vision into a Mission, I propose Mission ASI 2024 and humbly seek cooperation from my National Executive Council members, National Office bearers, Chapter and Section Heads, Past Presidents, and members of this August body.


  • SAFE ASI Safety for patients and Safety for surgeons
  • SKILL ASI For resident doctors in training and Practising surgeons
  • SOCIAL ASI Reparation to Society
  • SEEK ASI Seek international co operation and Seek to get our voice heard
  • SELF HELP ASI Closing the gender gap and addressing surgeon burnout

I thank you all once again for your support, dedication and contribution to our shared goals. Let us continue to work together towards fostering a stronger community and realising our collective vision.


Dr. Probal Neogi

The Association of Surgeons of India