Message From the Headquarters

Dear Colleague

The year 2021 has flown past rapidly under the COVID-19 grip and is receding under a constant threat of third wave. It has really become a city, district or state issue rather than National issue. Most of the city chapters, State chapters and Sections have embarked on a hybrid or pure physical mode for their meetings as per their respective Governmental regulations. Hope that we will have a pure physical ASICON in Mumbai next year. As per the motto of the ASI, we have not deterred from academics. We have through the National Skill Enhancement Programs (NSEP) and the Regional Refresher Course (RRC) kept going almost every week till September 2021.

The Elections to the posts of Vice-President (2022) – President (2023), Executive Committee representing States (2022 -2024), Editor (Indian Journal of Surgery) and Editorial Board Members (2022-2027) were conducted by e-voting from 1st October 2021 to 31st October 2021. The results were announced on 1st November 2021 with contestants logging in to see the process of counting. This helped us to remove all the doubts raised by a few about legitimacy of the online voting system. The President congratulates Dr. G. Siddesh (Vice-President and Chief Election Officer), Prof. Achal Gupta and Prof. R. Subrammaniyan (Election Officers) of their commitment to free, fair and transparent elections. The President also congratulations to the incumbent Executive and the elected members of IJoS who will lead us through in the coming years.

The finale to any year of the Principal Office Bearers is the ever-awaited Annual Conference – ASICON. The preparation starts with the end of ASICON of the previous year. Due to uncertain COVID behavior, it was decided well in advance to hold the same on a virtual mode. The program is constructed in a way not to affect your practice sessions in the morning hours. Do visit and register at www.asicon2021.com, There were many unresolved issues which have been cleared at the Head Quarters. We will present the same during the inaugural function.

On the occasion of a festive season, ASI HQ wishes you a happy festive season till the year end.

Thank you with regards to the membership

Dr. Abhay Dalvi
President ASI
Dr. Sanjay Jain
Hon. Secretary ASI
Dr. CRK Prasad
Hon. Treasurer ASI