Professional Protection Scheme

The Association of surgeons of India plans to start the Professional Protection Scheme on the lines of a similar scheme being run successfully by the Gujarat Chapter of the IMA.

Highlights of the Scheme

  • Under this scheme, all the bonafide members of the ASI will be eligible to join by paying a one time joining fees along with the first year’s subscription.
  • After the application has been scrutinized, and the member is accepted in the scheme, any litigation against that member will be taken care of by the scheme.
  • In the event of litigation, the member will notify an identified person at the scheme secretariat. The team at the secretariat will go through the initial case papers, formulate response plan and arrange for a lawyer at the place of the litigation to contest the case on behalf of that member. This may be at the district level (district forum), state level (state forum or High court) or at the national level (national forum or Supreme Court). We have already developed a system based at New Delhi to take care at the national level. We are presently in the process of setting up the system at various state capitals which in turn will develop similar system at every district level. The case will be contested in the court by the scheme on behalf of the member and the expenses will be borne by the scheme. If the case goes against the member, the matter will be pursued further at higher level by the scheme itself.
  • In the event of compensation being awarded by the courts, the same will be borne by the scheme (up to a prescribed limit).
  • The constitution, the details and all the other aspects of the scheme are being worked out. The same will be put forth before the Governing Council meeting scheduled for 4th April at Goa and the scheme will be open for the members to join from, subject to approval in the Governing Council.
  • We invite our esteemed members to send their comments, queries about the proposed scheme.