Minutes of the combined meeting of office bearers of Chapter & Sections held at ASI Headquarters on 5th March 2017

The following members attended the meeting:

  1. Shiva K. Misra, President
  2. Santhosh John Abraham, Director Surgical Studies
  3. J W EbeneshBensam, Honorary Secretary
  4. C R K Prasad, Honorary Treasurer
  5. G. LaxmanaSastry, Head quarter Secretary
  6. T NarayanaRao, Website Secretary
  7. Sanjay Kumar Jain, Joint Secretary
  8. B Krishna Rau, Past President – Special Invitee
  9. A Rathnaswami, Past Honorary Secretary – Special Invitee
  10. GanniBhaskaraRao, Chairman – Andhra Pradesh Chapter
  11. DSVL Narasimham, Secretary – Andhra Pradesh Chapter
  12. Pratap Varute, Chairman – Maharashtra Chapter
  13. Roy Patankar, Secretary – Maharashtra Chapter
  14. Y S Raghuvanshi, Chairman – Madhya Pradesh Chapter
  15. T Durganna, Chairman – Karnataka Chapter
  16. Narayan I Hebsur – Secretary – Karnataka Chapter
  17. C K Durga, Chairperson – Delhi Chapter
  18. Deborshi Sharma, Secretary – Delhi Chapter
  19. Lakshman Agarwal, Chairman – Rajasthan Chapter
  20. Bhanwar Lal Yadav, Secretary – Rajasthan Chapter
  21. H L Rajput, President – Uttar Pradesh Chapter
  22. Nikhil Singh, Secretary – Uttar Pradesh Chapter
  23. S K Mohapatra, Chairman – Odisha Chapter
  24. S Robindro Singh, Vice President – Manipur Chapter
  25. Gargi Bandyopadhyay, Secretary – West Bengal Chapter
  26. Somnath Ghosh, Chairman – West Bengal Chapter
  27. Rauf A Wani, Secretary – Jammu & Kashmir Chapter
  28. CH Ravinder Rao, Chairman – Telangana Chapter
  29. L Sridhar, Secretary – Telangana Chapter
  30. Ramen Kr Kalita, Chairman – Assam Chapter
  31. Jadunath Buragohain, Secretary – Assam Chapter
  32. T A Vasu, Chairman – Kerala Chapter
  33. I C Srinivas, Secretary – Kerala Chapter
  34. Vijay Kumar, Chairman – Jharkhand Chapter
  35. Uday Srivastava, Secretary – Jharkhand Chapter
  36. B K C Mohan Prasad, President – IASO
  37. Rajendra Toprani, Secretary – IASO
  38. Tamonas Chaudhuri, President – AMASI
  39. S Jugindra, Secretary – AMASI
  40. Kumkum Singh, President – ACRSI
  41. Niranjan Agarwal, Secretary – ACRSI
  42. A R Ramasubbu, President – IAES
  43. Anand Kumar Mishra, Secretary – IAES
  44. M Velusamy, President – ASRI
  45. G S Gnanagurusamy, Secretary – ASRI
  46. Winston Noronha, President – IATCC
  47. Sudeep Naidu, Secretary – AAFS
  48. Anil M Thakar, President – AGUSI

1. Welcome address by President Dr. Shiva K. Misra

Dr. J W Ebenesh Bensam, Honorary Secretary collared the President Dr. Shiva K. Misra and he requested the President to call the meeting to order. President called the meeting to order.

Dr. Shiva K. Misra, President welcomed the members attending the meeting. He congratulated all the State Chapters & Sections for the excellent academic activities conducted by them and informed that earlier the meeting used to be with the EC and a separate meeting was started around three years back to have better communication and exchange of ideas to solve their queries. This was followed by self-introduction The President introduced the office bearers and Staff of the ASI, then all the members present introduced themselves.

President with the consent of the house changed the agenda by introducing the new Auditor for the Association, Chaturvedi& Co. CA their local representative Mr. Raja Gopalachari explained the house that The ASI is a single body and State Chapters & Specialty are the branches. It is a Public Charitable Trust with single PAN no and the annual return is to be submitted by 31st September of every year. This was followed by a short PPT which mainly explained the financial working and how to prepare books of account and submit to the Headquarter within a time frame for those who gets their accounts audited, they can submit by 30 June, and who do not shall submit it by 31st May positively. Dr. Niranjan Agarwal enquired regarding conference accounts, it was cleared that the ASI is one body so one account but local KYC formalities may be needed. Mr. Raja Gopalachari explained in detail that any Ac. With the PAN of ASI is to be reported in time to the organization. He also answered the queries of other members.

2. Condolences
Honorary Secretary Dr. J W Ebenesh Bensam informed about the sad demise of the following members:

  1. Dr. Shabbir Alam Ranchi FL 12132
  2. Dr. Shankarappa G C Bangalore FL 10761
  3. Dr. Prabhakara Reddy Telangana NA
  4. Dr. Bipul Roy Assam NA
  5. Dr. Raja Billy Graham TN & Pondicherry FL 12004
  6. Dr. Birnale Singh Maharashtra NA
  7. Dr. V. H. Vaze Kolhapur FL 1733
  8. Dr. N. Kannan DELHI FL 10254
  9. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan AP SN 1261
  10. Dr. C. V. Krishna Raj AP NA
  11. Dr. Harnam Singh Kanpur, UP NA

The house observed one minute silence in respect of the departed souls.
3. Minutes of the Sectional & Chapter meetings held on 14/12/2016 at Mysore during ASICON 2016.

Dr. J W Ebenesh Bensam, Honorary Secretary informed, to the members that the above minutes have already been circulated to all the state chapter and sectional office bearers and he sought for the approval. House unanimously approved the minutes proposed by Dr. Y S Raghuvanshi and seconded by Dr. Kumkum Singh.

4. Matters arising out of the minutes

Dr. J W Ebenesh Bensam, Honorary Secretary informed as assured in the Chapter and Section meeting at Mysuru the Chapter  dues for the year 2016 have been calculated and circulated. He reported that the Chapters dues will be disbursed to the State Chapters once they submit the audited statement of accounts before July31st. He also said that the Haryana Chapter, Northern Chapter, Tripura Chapter and Orissa Chapter have not submitted their accounts and for the year 2015 and the Chapter dues for 2015 have not been given to them and once they submit, they will be given. Dr. J W EbeneshBensam said that as it was assured in the last meeting at Mysuru that the Best State Chapter grading for the last year would be scrutinized, it was done and no discrepancy was found. Dr. Shiva K. Misra President urged the State Chapters and City Branches to send their reports in time to be eligible for Best State or City Chapter awards.

Dr. Roy Patankar requested that the marking system shall be put on website so that it can be seen by everyone and there would be transparency also. President Dr. Shiva K. Misra assured for it and urged the Sections and Chapters to submit their annual report before July31stto the headquarters. The Secretary requested the President to release the ASI Handbook for the year 2017 and it was released by the President and everyone received a copy.

5. Guidelines for Organizing Chapter / Sectional activities – like protocol, constitution, audited accounts, academic calendar, membership, elections, Social services, awareness programmes  specialty courses and certification, better coordination between chapters / sections / GC members.

Website Secretary Dr. T Narayana Rao presented a Power Point Presentation of the postings in the website and requested everyone to visit it regularly and welcomed suggestions for future improvements. The Headquarters Secretary Dr. Laxmana Sastry briefed about the auditorium and the affairs of the office. He invited suggestions for the improvement of the Headquarters.

Dr. Shiva K. Misra, President thanked Secretary Headquarters and Secretary Website for their excellent work and urged everyone that the Protocols and constitution of Chapters & Section have been circulated and should be followed. The Honorary Secretary requested that the charity programme carried out by the Chapters and Sections should be intimated to the Headquarters. He urged them to motivate each and every member to perform one Surgery totally free per year and report it to the Headquarters so that the member can be rewarded in a befitting manner.    Dr. Shiva K. Misra also informed that about the marking system for Best Chapter award a copy of which has been provided and advised the Chapter officers to have better communication with the ASI and members. He also informed that new email ids has been created for easy access by making it simple now they can communicate with just typing [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] and for website related queries [email protected]. He informed that the process of election will be initiated soon after the constitutional amendments are registered with the registrar. The voter list is available at the website and those who have not already registered for e voting shall register themselves.

6. Organization/planning of academic activities of chapterlike zonal CMEs, state and sectional conferences / workshop / CMEs, skill center at headquarters, peripheral skill centers, best PG, Best state chapter paper, quiz, state chapter and section’s participation in ASICON etc.

Dr. Santhosh John Abraham, Director Surgical Studies, briefed about the progress in development of Skill Center at the headquarter with the help of Olympus and conduct of 5 zonal CME’s by ASI as Regional Refresher Courses for PG students and young practicing surgeons to help them prepare for their examination and practice. He also informed that the program has been updated with video demonstration of common procedures and also adding skill development program with basic suturing, endo-trainer and staplers for a batch of 90 students at the time of Regional Refresher Courses. He also added that credentialing for FAIS will also be done at the time of Regional Refresher Courses.

President Dr. Shiva K. Misra concluded with the remark that various programs are in pipeline like framing surgical guidelines, making Academic council and other committees. He also invited the members to the meeting at Mount Abu which will cover aspects of Ethical Surgical Practice. He also informed that the Haryana Chapter has not submitted the account of ASICON 2015, and the court case by Bihar chapter at Supaul regarding ASICON 2017 which also will be dealt with. Dr. Shiva K. Misra briefed about the mail sent by the Secretary of TN & P ASI, Dr. D. Maruthu Pandiyan against the decisions of the General Body at Mysuru and reiterated that anti association activities will be dealt with appropriately.

A video of the proceedings of peaceful opening of the ASI office and conduct of EC meeting on 8th September 2016 at the Headquarters, after Gurgaon court order which was termed as “Goondaism” by Dr. Suresh Vasistha was shown and all the participants were briefed about it.

7. Participation of the Chapters in the ASI schemes like Social Security Scheme / Professional Indemnity Scheme.

President Dr. Shiva K. Misra elaborated the Social Security Scheme which was already started in 2014, nearly 200 members have been enrolled in this scheme so far and also he briefed about the benefits of the scheme for their member’s family. He also informed that some changes have been effected to make it more viable. He urged all the members present who are less than 65 years of age to join it soon and application form and the scheme details have been provided. He also briefed about the Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme and it will be started very soon.

Dr. B Krishna Rau, Past President released the official first Newsletter “Scalpel”

8. Complaints / suggestions from participants.

Dr. NiranjanAgarwal requested for allotment of nearby and bigger hall to ACRSI during ASICON, to provide free registration and local hospitality to International delegates. He also requested to make necessary changes in constitution to allow the sectional executive members to be eligible for ASI EC Member election like Chapter executive members. President Dr. Shiva K. Misra explained that the location of halls depends on venue layout, the registration and hospitality is organizing committee prerogative and cannot be imposed, and about the eligibility for election he explained that for it constitutional amendment will be required so he may give a representation to initiate the amendment process. Dr. Tamonas Chaudhuri, informed that AMASI has conducted Free Surgical Camp and 44 surgeries have been performed and a financial assistance of Rs. One lac has been made for skill programs. Dr. Kumkum Singh informed about ACRSI that membership is now 1600 members regular e newsletter is published, website has been modernized, Four international fellowships have been initiated.  Dr. Ganni Bhaskara Rao showed a short video regarding the Skill lab at his institution, President urged him to join hands with ASI and to setup a Peripheral skill centre. Dr. Deborshi Sharma presented report of Delhi State Chapter, Other officials also presented their views and reports of their Chapter and Section and President acknowledged them.

9. Remarks

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, Joint Secretary appreciated the State Chapter and Sections Office Bearers for attending this meeting and sharing valuable views. He requested the Sections to give due importance to the State Chapters during their conferences and all should work in unison for a better ASI.

10. Final remarks by President.

President Dr. Shiva K. Misra urged the Sections like AGUSI, ASRI to increase their membership. He once again urged everyone to become a member of Social Security Scheme as it has been re launched. He also stressed to form Surgical Support Groups to help in any legal issues and to have positive and active communication with ASI and members.

11. Vote of thanks
Dr. Sanjay Jain proposed vote of thanks and the meeting came to a close with the National Anthem.