Minutes of the Executive Committee (EC) Meeting with Newly Elected President Dr. Dilip S. Gode Held on 30th December 2017 at B. M. Birla Auditorium, Jaipur at 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

The Following members attended the meeting

01. Dr. Dilip S. Gode, President
02. Dr. Shiva K Misra, Imm. Past President
03. Dr. Arvind Kumar, President Elect
04. Dr. Chintamani, Chief Editor – IJS
05. Dr. C R K Prasad, Hyderabad
06. Dr. G Laxmana Sastry, Hyderabad
07. Dr. T Narayana Rao, Vishakapatnam
08. Dr. Abhay Dalvi, Mumbai
09. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain, Bhopal
10. Dr. S S Bhardwaj, Bhiwani
11. Dr. Satish Midha, Ranchi
12. Dr. M L Saha, Kolkata
13. Dr. A S Godhi, Belagavi
14. Dr. Fazl Q Parray, Srinagar
15. Dr. G Siddesh, Mysore
16. Dr. S Soppimath, Hubli
17. Dr. Bindey Kumar, Patna
18. Dr. Rana AK Singh, New Delhi
19. Dr. Somnath Ghosh, Howrah
20. Dr. Sitaram Prasad Singh, Sitamarhi
21. Dr. Jaisingh K Shinde, Pune
22. Dr. P V Ramana Murthy, Vijayawada
23. Dr. Raj Govind Sharma, Jaipur
24. Dr. Probal Neogi, Allahabad
25. Dr. Shyam Bhutra, Ajmer
26. Dr. Raj Kamal Jenaw, Ajmer
27. Dr. R Padmakumar, Cochin
28. Dr. G Kanaka Raju, Kothagudem
29. Dr. Sai Krishna Vittal, Chennai
30. Dr. J P Sharma, Dehradun
31. Dr. Sreejoy Patnaik, Cuttack
32. Dr. C R Das, Bhubaneswar
33. Dr. Sarbeswar Bora, Nagaon
34. Dr. Bharat Panchal, Ahmedabad
35. Dr. Pankaj R Modi, Ahmedabad
36. Dr. Achal Gupta, Gwalior
37. Dr. G H Rathod, Ahmedabad
38. Dr. Y M Fazil Marickar, Trivandrum
39. Dr. D K Sarkar, Kolkata
40. Dr. C Karthikeyan, Trivandrum

The President Dr. Dilip Gode extended his warm welcome to all the members of the Executive Committee of ASI. After the brief introduction of all the members, he called the meeting to order at 9.05 a.m.

Dr. J.W. Ebenesh Bensam Honorary Secretary of the ASI conveyed his inability to attend the meeting; accordingly leave of absence was granted to them.

1. At the outset, Dr. Shiva K Misra, Imm. Past President informed that consequent on expiry of his the term, Dr. Dilip Gode took over as the President of ASI and chairing his first Executive Committee meeting in his capacity as the President of ASI.

In the opening remarks Dr. Dilip Gode expressed his heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to all the members of the ASI for the faith and trust reposed in him and assured that he will render all at his disposal with greater degree of commitments, involvement and devotion to meet the set out objectives and also for the betterment of the ASI.

He emphasized that he will focus in having recommendations and guidelines in surgery, take measures for skill development of young surgeons, setting up of much awaited skill lab at the ASI headquarters, and having a dialogue with the authorities for improvements in surgical education.

He will also see that the website has facility of dynamic uploading of activities and setting up of video conferencing facility at the head office for effective communications with chapters and sections.

He also urged the members to behave in civilized manner and safeguard our constitution and bylaws and observe meeting protocols meticulously.

2. After the opening remarks President Dr. Dilip S. Gode felicitated the out going President Dr. Shiva K Misra. He appreciated the committed involvement, diligent efforts & effective working of Dr. Shiva K. Misra in restoring normalcy in ASI. The house gave standing ovation to him for his exemplary and outstanding creative contribution to the association in a worthwhile manner.

Dr. Shiva K. Misra expressed his heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to all the members of the ASI and assured that he will continue to render his full co-operation expertise, counsel and guidance towards desired up gradation in knowledge and skills of surgical profession commensurate with the National and Global needs, expectations and requirements.
Dr Arvind Kumar President Elect ( Vice President ) was also felicitated by Dr Dilip Gode.

As per the agenda following items were discussed:

Item No.1:

Election of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer for the year 2018

President Dr. Dilip S. Gode proposed the name of Dr. J. W. Ebenesh Bensam for the post of Hon. Secretary and Dr. Sanjay Jain for Honorary Treasurer of ASI for the year 2018.

The Executive Committee unanimously approved the proposal of the President and accordingly Dr. J. W. Ebenesh Bensam, and Dr. Sanjay Jain were declared elected for the post of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of ASI respectively for the year 2018.

The Executive Committee unanimously nominated/designated Dr. Abhay Dalvi to work as the in charge of Head Office Administration; Dr. T. Narayan Rao as the In charge of the ASI Website.

The house was further authorized the Honorary Secretary to initiate all consequential formalities and changes as warranted including change in signatories on bank accounts forthwith.

Item No.2:

Announcement of various committees for the year 2018

The President announced various committees for better and effective functioning of the Association and requested the members to convey their interest and the committees were accepted after a few amendments.

Item No.3:

Announcement of Specialty Sections representative for the year 2018

The President announced that following three sections would represent in EC as per rotation in 2018:

1. The Association of Thoracic & Vascular Surgeons of India (ATVSI)
2. Indian Association of Traumatology & Critical Care (IATCC)
3. Association of Armed Forces Surgeons (AAFS)

Item No.4:

Announcement of Venue for Executive Committee Meeting and Date.

It was unanimously decided to hold the next mid term EC meeting around 25th March 2018 at a suitable place where a serious business meeting could be organized to discuss all the important issues before ASI

It authorized the Honorary Secretary to finalize the detailed program, venue and logistics and inform the members accordingly well in advance.

Item No.5:

Appointment of Auditor and Lawyer for 2018

It was informed the services rendered by Statutory Auditor Chaturvedi & Company, during the financial year 2016-17 were found to be satisfactory.

The Executive Committee unanimously resolved to re-appoint Chaturvedi & Company as Statutory Auditor of the ASI for the year 2017-18 on the same chargeable remuneration paid during the financial year 2016-17.

However, for the appointment of Lawyer for the year 2018, the Executive Committee authorized the President either continue the existing lawyer or appointment new Lawyer as deemed appropriate in the interest of ASI.

Item No.6:

Appointment of Election Officer 2018

The President informed the house that in terms of the constitution of ASI, which reads as – “The President Elect will normally be the Chief Election Officer but needs to be confirmed at the first meeting of the EC every year. The Chief Election Officer may appoint one or more persons as Election officers with the concurrence of the EC to assist him in the performance of his function.”

As such, the EC unanimously approved the Dr. Arvind Kumar President Elect (ex-officio) as “Chief Election Officer” and Dr. Fazil Marricker and Dr. Bharat Panchal as “Election Officers” for the year 2018

Item No.7:

Any other matter with the permission of the chair

With the permission of the Chair, the following items were discussed –

1. Dr. Raj Govind Sharma suggested that there should be brainstorming sessions with industry for innovations and also to incorporate smart class like spotting or operating steps during PG Master Classes. President welcomes the suggestion and assured that implementation of the same in near future upon ascertaining the feasibility.

2. Dr. Ashok Godhi opined about that the age limit of ASI SSS should be increased from 65 yrs. The President informed that he would assess the feasibility with SSS committee.

3. Some of the members raised the point of membership fee increase asking to delay or not to increase, President Dr. Dilip S. Gode informed the house that the GB has already passed the proposal twice as such it is better not to discuss this point now since the GB has extended the implementation date to 31st March 2018. He urged the hon’ble members to work to their maximum capacity to increase in membership before 31st March. 2018

4. Dr. Abhay Dalvi made a proposal to consider “Kohlapur Surgical Society” as a “city branch of ASI”. Since Maharashtra State Chapter approved the proposal, EC accepted the proposal and granted the Kohlapur Surgical Society, City Branch status.

5. President Dr. Dilip Gode informed that it was a demanded by the sub section that their office bearers & executive members should also be equated as the state chapters as per the eligibility for the election to Governing council (Executive committee). President assured that this item will be taken in next executive meeting as separate agenda & if passed in the meeting shall require amendment to the bylaws.

Since there was no other point for discussion, the meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

Dr. Dilip S. Gode
President ASI

Dr. Sanjay Jain
Officiating Secretary ASI