Shri. Narendra Modi
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
South Block, Raisina Hill
New Delhi-110011

Dear Shri Narendra Modi ji

Sub: Recent violent attacks in West Bengal, protection of the Medical fraternity & implementation of robust, implementable Laws in India.

At the very outset, my heartiest congratulations on your stupendous victory in the recent General Elections. I wish you & your Team the very best in creating “NEW INDIA”, which would mark a new era in our Country’s history.

I am writing to you on behalf of the President, National Executive Committee & Membership at large from The Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), which is South Asia’s largest and world’s second largest Surgical Organisation that represents the voice of the entire surgical fraternity all across India.

Having been conferred one of the highest civilian awards of the land in 2015 handpicked by the Government during your very first year as our Prime Minister, I owe a great deal of responsibility to the nation. And therefore, with a heavy heart, I wish to bring to your kind attention the vulnerable demoralized state of the medical fraternity in West Bengal, and equally, all over the Country as a result of a series of cruel, brutal & cold-hearted violent attacks aimed at the Medical fraternity. The “Doctor” who spends many years to qualify and takes the Hippocratic oath to keep the good of the patient as his/her highest priority and saves scores of lives day and night, is sadly an endangered species in the Country. This very Doctor’s life is in peril at the present moment.

The Association of Surgeons of India strongly condemns the barbaric attack on an Intern on duty at NRS Medical College in Kolkata a few days ago and a series of such cold-hearted, insensitive inhuman acts of violence against doctors who are providing selfless round the clock healthcare & emergency services across West Bengal, and indeed, all over the Country. Whilst praying for the speedy recovery of Dr. Paribaha Mukherjee, who is recovering in ICU after sustaining grievous injuries, The Association stands “rock solid” in expressing its unwavering solidarity with the Medical fraternity in West Bengal.

On behalf of the Association of Surgeons of India, I enclose three major suggestions for your kind perusal.

1. To ensure all the hooligans involved in attacking doctors in the recent violent incidents in West Bengal are identified & arrested immediately.

2. In the short term, there is an urgent need for providing protection to the doctors and staff. Security must be strengthened in Government Hospitals all over India by making available robust presence of trained armed guards and Police Personnel, with immediate effect.

3. In the longer term, there are many Indian Penal Code Acts such as IPC 506 and IPC 332 / 333, which clearly states that rigorous imprisonment ranging from 3 – 7 years can be awarded to anyone who threatens, abuses or assaults doctors & Medical personnel. These laws, which are currently not being implemented, must be actioned in letter and spirit, incorporating the provision of “non-bailable” arrest. I enclose an attachment, which contains a list of IPC acts relating to Hospitals for your ready reference.

In my opinion, the above-mentioned three-pronged approach is practical, pragmatic and achievable in very little time frame, which would go a long way in resolving the current ongoing crisis, all across India.

With folded hands, I request you to please consider this issue as a matter of urgent priority and kindly share the decisive action plans with implementation schedule in this regard with the Medical fraternity as soon as possible.
Confident of a positive outcome…

With kindest regards.

Dr. P. Raghu Ram

President Elect
The Association of Surgeons of India