Greetings to my fellow surgeons!

We have deliberately come here to share a very vital aspect concerning surgeons and doctors in general. A treacherous trend has started wherein doctors are being lured to enroll themselves with 'mediators' like Pharm easy, Practo, etc.. This is a big racket! Once you are in, you spiral downwards and so caught up with their deadly tentacles that you will remain their slave for ever. Even if you somehow break away from them, the injuries caused will haunt you the rest of your life.

This is a plan that the all colonial people deployed. Initially they come to trade with you offering good money and ensuring better business to you. Once you are inside their loop, they gradually suck you, strangulate you to death! If you survived, it is worse than being dead, for you are their eternal slave!

At least the Indian traders of colonial era had an excuse to their mistakes; that they were traders after all, and business was their life. But we doctors are not traders, we are a clan of people, almost like soldiers, fiercely committed to the health and well being of our fellow human beings. If we get sucked into the wicked whirlpool of the third party mediators like Pharmeasy, Practo etc, know one thing. The world will not fall over; but only that you will be slave in the new world. Our aspirations to become a doctors since childhood, our efforts to get into a medical college, our grit to study and immerse ourself in one of the most exhaustive courses on earth made us a doctor. We will not trade it to a third party who is planning to create huge platforms of 'slave doctors' who are lured to be getting more money and more publicity above fellow doctors. We don't want cheap gimmicks and crooked business tactics to score over our fellow surgeons. Let us earn our worth through our skills, compassion and integrity.

Looking from a legal perspective too, such an alliance with a third party mediator is illegal. Let us remember the Hippocratic Oath we all have taken, where we promised that we will not conduct ourselves as businessmen. There are very high chances that innocent but overzealous doctors might entangle themselves in litigations after joining these third party agents. Even ASI is planning to have a discussion to come up with a resolution banning such illegal activities.

Medical system is not without faults; nor any other organisation on earth. The religious organisations, judiciary, politics; no system is absolutely perfect and pure. As such, even we have many maladies. But we should be aware of them and they should be restrained to the least possible space within the system, if eradication is not possible. But, to embrace foolishly a third party 'mediator devil' will bring doom not only to the medical profession but eventually the society as well..

We pledge you not to fall prey to slavery. We expect a similar resolution from your end for your own good.

Yours ever lovingly,

Dr. G Siddesh
President ASI
  Dr. Pratap Varute
Hon. Secretary ASI