Dear Esteemed Members of the Association of Surgeons of India

Dear Esteemed Members of the Association of Surgeons of India,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As we continue to advance in the field of surgery, the Association of Surgeons of India is thrilled to announce a comprehensive Skill Enhancement Program designed to elevate your expertise of most commonly performed procedures

1. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
2. Inguinal hernia
3. Ventral/ Incisional hernia
4. Breast (All varieties of procedures)
5. Thyroid (All varieties of procedures)
6. Perianal diseases

The program, set to be conducted in different parts of India in centers who are doing high volume of surgery for particular disease. The idea is to learn from the experts in their field and enhance your surgical skills and improve patient outcomes. This initiative aims to provide a platform for continuous learning and skill development in these crucial areas of surgical practice.

To enroll in the program, we invite you to fill out the Google Form indicating your subject of choice and the preferred city/ zone where you will want to go. You can opt for more than one disease also.

Google Form Link:

It will generally be a one day program from morning to evening where focus would be on surgery which you want to see. We will coordinate with training faculty to arrange as much case of that disease possible.

We would provide you working lunch

We believe that through collaborative efforts and a commitment to ongoing education, we can collectively raise the standard of surgical care in India. Your involvement is pivotal in making this program a success, and we look forward to your enthusiastic participation.

Thank you for your dedication to the field of surgery, and we anticipate your valuable contribution to this skill enhancement endeavor.