Greetings from ASI Headquarters.

ASICON – The Annual Conference of The Association of Surgeons of India is an event which every Surgeon looks forward to attend, participate and exchange Scientific wisdom.

Under the directions of the President ASI Dr. Probal Neogi and the Executive Committee of The Association of Surgeons of India, I am issuing the Announcement for ASICON 2024 at Agra. I hereby also request applicaitons for various Orations, Endowment Lectures, Travelling Fellowships & Symposia for ASICON 2025 at Kolkata. The details are being uploaded on the ASI official website and a copy of the same is attached with this mail for circulation.

Click Here for detailed information on Announcement of ASICON 2024 & Awards for 2025

Kindly send your nominations as per the notice, well within the stipulated time.

With best wishes and warm regards,

Dr. Pratapsinh A Varute
Honorary Secretary