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Benefit of Membership

We represent all surgeons involved in the general surgical care of patients, from training to consultant practice.

Educational Benefits

  • By joining, you will be a member of the academic body.
  • You can take part in scientific deliberations and present papers in the conferences of the A.S.I.
  • You will get our official organ-Indian Journal of Surgery (I.J.S.) for updating your knowledge.
  • You will be eligible for several Awards including Best Paper Award, Best Chapter Award, Best Section Award, Traveling Fellowships, Traveling Professorships and several Orations and Guest Lectures including CME lectures.
  • You can apply for FAIS (Fellowship of Association of Indian Surgeons) after you have obtained five years experience after Post Graduation.


  • The ASI will be able to arrange Training Programmes for desiring candidates in various courses including the Endoscopic Surgical Procedures in various disciplines.
  • You could find centers of excellence close to your working area where you could have further training as members of ASI.


  • By joining ASI, you will come in contact with teachers of reputation so that you could gain more knowledge by interaction.
  • You could get the advice of senior members in matters of personal difficulties in certain procedures.
  • You can get social contacts and foster friendship through academic pursuits.
  • Some of the Affiliated Associations communicate to ASI Headquarters about fellowships and sponsorships for regular appointments, which will be communicated to you if you are a member.
  • You will be able to blog (i.e., express your opinion/exerience to fellow members online. And other members will be encouraged to give their views).

Medico legal aspects and insurance

  • Professional Protection Scheme: ASI is in the process of starting “Professional Protection Scheme” on the lines of similar scheme being run by the Gujarat IMA for over a decade. Once started, as an ASI member you will be entitled to join the scheme after paying the joining and annual membership fee. Thereafter in the event of any legal action against you in any of the courts in country, the scheme will take care of the legal issues and will bear the cost upto a specified limit. For further details click here.
  • Family Pension Scheme: ASI is also in the process of starting the Family Pension Scheme, under this scheme if you are a member of ASI, you will be entitled to join this scheme after paying the necessary charges. It ensures financial assistance to the family members in the unfortunate event of the demise of a member. For further details click here.

Participation and contribution

  • You will have a right to vote in elections and stand for elections (in cases of full members).
  • You can contribute articles to Indian Journal of Surgery for publication, which will be useful when you apply for your promotion in your services, scholarship and jobs outside India.
  • You will get communications for International Conferences where you can participate as delegate of ASI.
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View upcoming state chapter conferences, zonal cme, national conferences and international conferences.

State Chapter Conferences

Name of Event Date of Event
KSCASICON 2020 14th to 16th February, 2020
MPASICON 2020 22nd to 23rd February, 2020

International Conferences

Name of Event Date of Event

National Conferences

Name of Event
Date of Event
ASICON 2019 18th to 21st December, 2019
Regional Refresher Course 2019 Click Here for more details

Sectional Conferences

Date of Event
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