Quality Enhancement : Support for NABH Preparation


Dear members,

One of the striking features of India’s health care sector is the range of quality in available services. Quality in Healthcare is still in infancy in our country. This is largely on account that there still is a huge gap in demand-supply of healthcare services. We urgently need to build capacity in Indian Healthcare Systems on all fronts i.e. availability, accessibility, affordability and finally the QUALITY.

The rapidly changing profile of diseases, rising chronic disease burden, increasing consumer awareness and expectations and increasing share of insurance sectors in health care are some of the leading reasons which demand state and central governments to collaborate with researchers and agencies that implement programs to improve health care on quality agenda.

Providing good quality of health care services by fulfilling all the existing gaps is a real challenge for all small health care organizations. Quality Council of India (QCI) is striving hard to improve quality of health care through National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Health care provider (NABH).

Association of surgeons of India has decided to guide its members on quality improvement through implementation of “National quality Enhancement Programme” with initial focus on Entry level NABH standard for small health care organizations (up to 50 beds). Details about the preparation, application, and compliances are given here for further implementation and also available at hope.qcin.org

Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) would like to hold your hand through this entire journey. To make the certification process swift and smooth, assistance will be provided to SHCOs in the form of ready references, helpline support for clarification and easy understanding. Please feel free to contact on e-mail [email protected] for any clarifications.