We welcome you to ASICON 2021 being held from 17th – 19th December, 2021.

For your smooth and meaningful visit to the Virtual conference platform, please note the following information:

1. Access Link to login : https://asicon2021.virtualmnc.com
2. Your Login email-id: “Your Registered Email ID”
3. Your Login Password: “Your Unique Registration number”
4. Every delegate/user has been allotted a unique login id.

If you have misplaced your Unique Login Number please go to the ASICON 2021 WEBSITE

( https://www.asicon2021.com/list-delegates ) and on entering your NAME/PHONE NUMBER/MAIL ID will be able to retrieve it.

5. Multiple logins from a single id is not allowed and will automatically logout the delegate from the platform. Therefore, You are requested to kindly keep this confidential and do not share it.

6. Once you enter the LOBBY, please click on “WAY TO SCIENTIFIC HALLS” or “EXHIBITION HALL” as you prefer,

Inside the Scientific Hall entry you will have Entry to HALLS A-E as Independent doorways.

Once Inside a specific Hall click the PLAY button appearing on the screen to view the on-going Session Live.

You will also be able to see in the Session Hall, multiple widgets like Agenda, Ask a question & Polling, that can be clicked upon to have the desired functionality performed.

7. Questions during the session are to be addressed through the Q & A BOX inside the session halls.

8. The conference platform is compatible across all devices; however, for better viewing we recommend using a laptop or desktop. Please ensure quality headphones or a good speaker for optimal sound during the sessions. If you are viewing the conference on your Mobile phone, please switch the Auto-Rotate button ON.

9. For a better viewing experience please choose GOOGLE CHROME. All delegates must ensure to have Broadband/4G internet speed or above for a seamless experience of the event.

From 17th December 2021 onwards, you may log in at 09:00 hrs (IST) onwards to visit Session Halls for attending the Seminars & visit Exhibition Hall for your trade meetings.

Please visit www.asicon2021.com for detailed programme.

In case of any difficulty in log-in, or in accessing ASICON 2021 PLATFORM, you may kindly contact our technical support team on below numbers:

+91-9871197588, +91-9654496952

We look forward to welcoming you at the ASICON 2021.