Dear Esteemed Members,

As per the Constitution of the Association of Surgeons of India, Elections for the post of ASI Vice President 2023 (President 2024) will be announced shortly.

Eligible voter list in PDF format is appended.

Click here to view Eligible Voters list

The names that appear in black are already registered and are eligible for e-voting.

Those who are marked in red are not registered for e-voting. However they can register till 5.30 PM on 15th September 2022, which will make them eligible for e-voting.

If any discrepancies need to be rectified, Member should contact the Chief Election Officer ([email protected]).

It is our request that all eligible voters take part in the election for the post of ASI Vice-President 2023 (President 2024).

With kind regards.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jain
Vice President / Chief Election Officer ASI
Dr. G. Siddesh
President ASI
Dr. P. Rajan
Election Officer
Dr. Prabha Om
Election Officer