Doctor Patient relationship is at its lowest ebb. Medical profession is receiving all time low respect and rating from all sections of the society. Corruption is rampant in the society and the doctors are also part of the same society. Majority of them are doing excellent work in given scenario in the country. Health has always been the area of low priority for both Central and State Governments. More than 80% of health care services are provided by the private sector, though it is getting more and more expensive getting out of reach for the poor or even middle income group individuals. Legislations like consumer protection act and similar legislations have been adding to the cost of healthcare delivery.

Being a surgeon is the toughest job on the planet. Profession has a long gestation period, is stressful, with long working hours and poor family life. Becoming a surgeon and establishing a decent clinical practice as per ever increasing statutory requirements, is adding to the cost of the treatment. Medical schools and corporate hospitals owned by non-medical persons with profit motive have done no good for the medical profession. Merit has been pushed to the back seat. Lust has been added to greed. Medical profession is no longer seen as a service to mankind but it is perceived as profit making healthcare industry. Patients want the best with 100% positive outcome, done through latest technology, in most comfortable settings, at lowest cost possible.

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